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Easy maintenance

NEWA More aquariums are provided with a powerful corner filter with disposable cartridges, easy to replace without getting your hands wet. An efficient “over-flow” system  guarantees safe functioning even in case of choked cartridges.

Efficient conditionong and touch control

A - The precise and reliable Newa Therm eco heater ensures keeping  of the temperature necessary to recreate the desired natural habitat.

B - NEWA More aquariums’ lighting system is controlled by switches with touch control  for each of the two kind of lights (white and actinic). The timer can be easily programmed for maximum customization (except for model NMO 20).


All  NEWA More aquariums are provided with high quality LED able to guarantee a contribution of light absolutely efficient for a long duration. The brightness of the white and actinic LED ensures a constant growth of the plants and the welfare of the aquarium inhabitants.

NEWA More 20

NEWA More 30

NEWA More 50

Technical details

NEWA More lids

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NMO20             NMO30

NEWA More is an aquarium with a simple modern design, combining elegant lines with compact dimensions. The corner filter provides the solution required to guarantee professional filtering, effective climate control, powerful water circulation and excellent LED lighting, with extremely low consumption.

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