LED – JET advance


Water fountain head with integrated led illumination. It is ideal for illuminating ornamental garden pool or fish pond. Comes complete with low voltage transformer and 10 meter outdoor cable. Low power consumption (4 W). Available with white, blue or multi-colour LEDs.

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Abbinamento FONTANA advance 2300 - 3000, FONTANA advance 4500 - 6000 - 8000, FONTANA advance 800 - 1200
Caratteristiche 4_W_low_consumption, led_lights, safe_low_voltage
Correlati Connecting Elements, NEWA Pond heater, NEWA WIND Pond advance
Vtp J-LED adv 8 B, J-LED adv 8 W, J-LED adv 8 M, J-LED adv 12 B, J-LED adv 12 W, J-LED adv 12 M
Certificazioni Certificazione CE


J-LED adv 8 B
J-LED adv 8 W
J-LED adv 8 M
J-LED adv 12 B
J-LED adv 12 W
J-LED adv 12 M


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