NEWA Aqua Diamante


NEWA Aqua DIAMANTE is a super-active carbon mineral obtained from peat. It has a highly microporous surface that makes it extremely absorbent. NEWA Aqua DIAMANTE is ideal for eliminating smells, colourants, Chlorine and Ozone in order to make water crystal clear if it is amber-coloured (Phenol accumulation) or “foggy” (an excessive amount of particles in suspension). It removes algaecides and proteins, without releasing Phosphates.

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Abbinamento NEWA Cobra internal filter, NEWA Duetto internal filter, NEWA Micro internal filter
Applicazioni reef, marine, fresh_water
Caratteristiche crystal-water, no-smell
Correlati NEWA Aqua Algo Out, NEWA Aqua Algo Prevent, NEWA Aqua Diamante Plus
Vtp D1 - small size, D2 - large size


D1 - small size
D2 - large size


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