NEWA Control



A control system for NEWA Wave circulation and motion pumps. The system recreates the natural water currents of rivers and coral reefs in order to maximise wellbeing in saltwater or freshwater aquariums. Designed to control up to 2 NEWA Wave pumps, the system controls any type of motion pump up to a maximum of 100W for each outlet. Direct and easy to use, it features a dual programme for an alternate (ON OFF/OFF-ON) or synchronous (ON-ON/ OFF-OFF) movement of water. The two knobs for adjusting the ON/OFF pulse rate times of the pumps guarantee maximum freedom for adjusting the water flow. The “Food” button stops the pumps for an adequate time interval so that fish can feed peacefully. Many LEDs ensure constant monitoring of the control system operations. Maximum safety is guaranteed with a multi socket connection that has a single power cable for the appliance and the motion pump connected to it. A bipolar switch allows simultaneous deactivation of the pumps and the control system for safe and easy aquarium maintenance without disconnecting from the socket. With its compact size and attractive, finely crafted details, it can be left in a visible position or easily concealed.

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Abbinamento NEWA Maxi power head, NEWA Wave 2
Applicazioni reef, marine, fresh_water
Caratteristiche feeding_time, flow_program, ready_and_easy_to_use, single_power_cord, small_size
Correlati NEWA Lux, NEWA Mechanic chronos, NEWA Pgr gravel cleaner, NEWA Wind
Italy made-in-italy
Certificazioni Certificazione CE, certificazioni_tuv_gs_newa_control





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