NEWA Jet 9000 – 12000 – 16000



Multi-purpose submergible pump with electronic control capable of one directional rotation of the rotor and provide constant analysis of the working conditions of the pump. The tangential output of the water and the possibility of adjusting it 360° make it extremely flexible in any use. Equipped with high performance and low energy consumption, it can work inside and outside of water guaranteeing at the same time maximum silence and minimum maintenance..

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Applicazioni marine, fresh_water, fountains
Correlati NEWA Jet 1700-2300-3000, NEWA Jet 400-600, NEWA Jet 4500-6000-8000, NEWA Jet 800-1200
Vtp 9000 L/h, 12000 L/h, 16000 L/h
Caratteristiche 360_rotation_outlet, electronic_control, energy_saving, wet_and_dry_use
Certificazioni Certificazione CE, certificazioni-tuv-gs-newa-jet-9000-12000-16000
Italy The Original made in Italy
Abbinamento NEWA Cobra internal filter, NEWA Duetto internal filter, NEWA Mirror uvc hang on, NEWA Therm, NEWA Therm pro, NEWA Wind


9000 L/h
12000 L/h
16000 L/h


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