NEWA Kanist external filter


NEWA Kanist pressurized canister filter ensures healthy aqueous environment due to the powerful and efficient filtration system with various options, provided for achievement of maximum result of mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Once activated, a high-capacity pump starts to supply water into NEWA Kanist filter, where a great number of filtering materials treat any visible and invisible contaminating agents due to 6 stages of filtration. The filter is admirably easy and cost-efficient to use and service. Thanks to various technical innovations implemented, NEWA Kanist filter ensures extraordinarily strong protection from water leakage and simultaneously operates practically silent. It is recommended to use filter in combination with a wide range of NEWA AQUA products. High quality and peculiar properties of every filtering material allow customizing the filtering process by NEWA Kanist external filter to efficiently solve any filtering problem, maintaing excellent water quality in your aquarium.

Filtering volume (total canister volume) and power (max. filter capacity) are the main factors for the right choice of the external filter. For marine and overpopulated aquariums, use the filter model following the indicated one. Note*: The power is calculated for the filters fully equipped with filtering materials, when using a set of inlet and outlet flexible tubes of the same length. Reference water height for power calculation is 150 cm.

Additional information

Applicazioni reef, marine, fresh_water
Caratteristiche ceramic_shaft, easy_to_start, large_filter_volume, quiet_flow, ready_and_easy_to_use, safety_locks
Correlati NEWA Cobra internal filter, NEWA Duetto internal filter, NEWA Micro internal filter, NEWA Mirror uvc, NEWA Mirror uvc hang on, NEWA Motion internal filter
Vtp NKF250, NKF350, NKF450, NKF700
Certificazioni Certificazione CE
Abbinamento NEWA Aqua Algo Out, NEWA Aqua Algo Prevent, NEWA Aqua Diamante, NEWA Aqua Diamante Plus




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6 Stage Filtration

Fully adjustable water outlet single or double water outlet


Technical data

single or double spray bar