FONTANA advance 2300 – 3000



Multi-purpose pump for fountains and statues. Accessories are included for use with water features, ornamental fountains or to supply small streams. Engineered with the most advanced technical solutions, the best materials and energy saving motor, this pump can work constantly during the whole year. It can be used completely submersed or externally. The motor is equipped with an electronic device (thermal protector), which protects the pump from overheating. Easy maintenance. Water feature’s flow and secondary outlet can be adjusted thanks to the double tap. Telescopic tube is adjustable in height and can be rotated thanks to the joint for easy installation and also in case of uneven depth.

1) 3-year warranty
2) Powerful performance
3) Low energy consumption
4) Maximum resistance to wear
5) Telescopic directionally adjustable water outlet
6) 3 water features included
7) Reliable, safe and noiseless

Additional information

Abbinamento LAKE, LINERS for ponds, PRATICO advance 3000-5000-7000, PREXO advance
Caratteristiche 3_years_warranty-garanted, fountains-pond, long_life_rotor, up_to_minus_47_percent_low_consumption, up_to_plus_15_percent_performance_improved, waterfalls
Correlati FONTANA advance 4500-6000-8000, FONTANA advance 800 - 1200
Vtp FNT adv 2300, FNT adv 3000
Certificazioni Certificazione CE, certificazioni_tuv_gs_fontana_advance_2300_3000
Italy made-in-italy


FNT adv 2300
FNT adv 3000


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