PURO advance



“Multi-Zone” filtering system including:
• Wide surface consisting of several high-quality filtering media for selective filtering.
• Single baskets that can be separately removed and provided with handy knobs always dry for easy cleaning and maintenance operations.
• External container shock resistant and UV rays resistant.
• Hose barbs and multiple accessories.

PURO adv can be easily and quickly installed thanks to its pre-assembled components. It guarantees maximum development of bacterial load for an optimal biological filtration, thanks to a wide filtering surface, consisting of several materials. It makes water clean and crystalline removing green algae and bacteria without using chemical products.

1) 3-year warranty;
2) Large filtering element for optimum bacterial colonisation and maximum biological filtering;
3) Easy maintenance thanks to separately removable baskets, with practical handles that are always dry;
4) External container resistant to impact and UV rays;
5) It can be connected to a large range of hoses of different diameters (13 mm – 20 mm – 25 mm).

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Abbinamento CASCATA advance 16000-20000-25000, CASCATA advance 2300 - 3000, FONTANA advance 2300 - 3000, FONTANA advance 4500 - 6000 - 8000, LAKE, LINERS for ponds
Caratteristiche 3_years_warranty-garanted, easy_maintenance, plug_and_play
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Italy made-in-italy
Vtp PR adv 1, PR adv 2, PR adv 3


PR adv 1
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PR adv 3


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    4 filtering levels


    Baskets with handles

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