NEWA Therm mini P



Completely submersible, a miniature automatic aquarium heater. Equipped with a sensitive and precise micro-thermostat, which maintains water temperature constant at 25°C ±1°C. Made with extra tough polymer filled with epoxy resin, completely unbreakable. The heating element is highly efficient and compact with 10/20 W power. Supplied with suction cups. To prevents any damage caused by thermal shock or dry use each model is equipped with special hermal-protector.

Additional information

Vtp 10 W, 20 W
Abbinamento NEWA Micro, NEWA Micro internal filter, NEWA Motion internal filter, NEWA Wind
Applicazioni marine, fresh_water, terrariums, turtles
Correlati NEWA Therm mini K, NEWA Therm preset 25°C
Caratteristiche 25C_pre-set, high_quality_materials_techno_polymer, led_light_power_monitor, small_size, thermo_protected_b, unbreakable
Certificazioni Certificazione CE, Certificazioni TUV GS Newa therm mini
Italy The Original made in Italy


10 W
20 W


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Version with themal protector and pre-set thermostat