NEWA Wave 2


Circulation pump for aquariums. Useful to re-create natural currents in fresh water and marine aquariums. Compact size, adjustable direction of water flow. Self-cleaning and high efficiency impeller. High performance with minimum power consumption. Safe mounting thanks to a powerful magnetic holder with anti-vibration and anti-noise features. Reliable, extremely silent and easy to maintain.

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Abbinamento NEWA Aqua active zeolite, NEWA Aqua Anti-Nitrate, NEWA Aqua Anti-Phosphate, NEWA Aqua Carbo-Active Granules, NEWA Aqua Carbo-Active Mixture, NEWA Aqua Carbo-Active Pellets, NEWA Aqua Ceramic HI-Q, NEWA Aqua Fiber, NEWA Aqua Kinshi Sponge, NEWA Aqua Microceramic, NEWA Bioglobe, NEWA Control
Applicazioni reef, marine, fresh_water
Caratteristiche 3_years_warranty, anti-noise-system-a, energy_saving, reduced_size, supersafe_magnet
Correlati NEWA Jet 1700-2300-3000, NEWA Jet 400-600, NEWA Jet 4500-6000-8000, NEWA Jet 800-1200, NEWA Jet 9000-12000, NEWA Maxi, NEWA Maxi power head, NEWA Micro, NEWA Mini, NEWA Wave
Vtp 1900 L/h, 3200 L/h, 5900 L/h, 7500 L/h, 10700 L/h, 13300 L/h
Certificazioni Certificazione CE, certificazioni-tuv-gs-newa-wave-2


1900 L/h
3200 L/h
5900 L/h
7500 L/h
10700 L/h
13300 L/h


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