NEWA Micro internal filter



Multi-function internal filter. Double filtering action. Replaceable filtering cartridges. Water output can be rotated through 360°. It can be connected to any rigid or flexible hose. Works well in any position. Adjustable flow. Aeration feature. Protected motor will not overheat. Miniaturized, silent, easy to use, and complete with accessories.

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Abbinamento NEWA Micro, NEWA Motion internal filter, NEWA Therm mini K, NEWA Therm mini P, NEWA Wind
Applicazioni marine, fresh_water, terrariums, repttiles, turtles
Caratteristiche 2_stage_filtration, adjustable_flow, aeration_feature, cartridge_included, energy_saving
Correlati NEWA Aqua Algo Out, NEWA Aqua Algo Prevent, NEWA Aqua Diamante, NEWA Aqua Diamante Plus, NEWA Cobra internal filter, NEWA Duetto internal filter, NEWA Kanist external filter, NEWA Mirror uvc, NEWA Mirror uvc hang on, NEWA Motion internal filter
Vtp MCF 40, MCF 70
Certificazioni Certificazione CE, Certificazione TUV GS
Italy The Original made in Italy



MCF 40
MCF 70


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Union elbow

Built-in aeration system

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