NEWA Motion internal filter



Compact internal filter with disposable filter cartridges. It ensures effective filtering thanks to a mechanical filter incorporated in the pump, to a chemical filter cartridge with high-absorbent carbon flakes and to a biological filter designed to provide a large surface and maximum oxygenation for nitrifying bacteria. The motion pump, perfectly incorporated in the filter housing and detachable from it for easy maintenance, guarantees constant water flow with minimum energy consumption. It is extremely compact and can be easily concealed in the aquarium. Two powerful suction caps and a special hook ensure maximum flexibility for anchorage. Designed to be practical, it allows safe, easy and instant maintenance: each filter can be easily replaced without getting your hands wet and without stopping the filtering action.

Additional information

Abbinamento NEWA Micro, NEWA Micro internal filter, NEWA Therm mini K, NEWA Therm mini P, NEWA Wind
Applicazioni reef, marine, fresh_water
Caratteristiche 4_stage_filtration, cartridge_included, energy_saving, no_spill, ready_and_easy_to_use, small_size
Correlati NEWA Aqua Algo Out, NEWA Aqua Algo Prevent, NEWA Aqua Diamante, NEWA Aqua Diamante Plus, NEWA Cobra internal filter, NEWA Duetto internal filter, NEWA Kanist external filter, NEWA Micro internal filter, NEWA Mirror uvc, NEWA Mirror uvc hang on
Vtp NWM300
Certificazioni Certificazione CE, certificazioni-tuv-gs-newa-motion-internal-filter
Italy engineered-designed-in-italy





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Product details

Incorporated cable ducting

Each cartridge can be easily replaced

The pump positioned at the base of the filter allows


Mechanical + Chemical disposable filtration cartridge

Technical data